Busy, Our Write Side, and Water


I know, I know—it’s Monday, but with Father’s Day yesterday and trying to finish the remodel of my son’s room, things got crazy yesterday. My son has been needing more time and attention lately as well. Not sure what that’s about, but he takes priority over writing so I’ve been giving him more attention. Unfortunately, it means my writing sometimes takes a backseat and I need to prioritize what I’m working on. On a positive note, though, I do have a couple short stories and a novella coming out soon, so be sure to watch my Published Works page!bees-486872_1920

Our Write Side

If y’all aren’t a part of it already, you should come join me over at Our Write Side. We have several rockin’ Facebook pages—one of which is moderated by yours truly—and a presence on Twitter. Of our write sidecourse, we also have the OurWriteSide.com website. There’s something there for everyone who loves reading and writing. Writing advice, writing prompts, and open calls are just a few things for writers. Opportunities for books in exchange for book reviews, reading related blog posts, and the amazing books for sale through Our Write Side’s small press side. Stop by and say hi!


I’m trying something new. I went back to the doctor for my whole kidney stone mess. Mywater-263054_1920 tests came back normal—all of them. So basically that means they don’t know why I had the stone. All I got told was to drink more water. So, I found a water bottle that lets me put fruit in this basket thing in the middle to infuse the water with fruit flavor. I tend not to drink enough water when it is plain water. I’m hoping by adding the fruit, it will be enough to help me drink more water.


Crazy Life, Burning Nettle, and Quilting

Crazy Life

Wow. Talk about a crazy month. Sorry I haven’t been around much recently. Betweengirl-2189245_1920 the kidney stone, a vacation to Disney World, and a high level of craziness at work, things just didn’t get done the way I wanted them to get done. I can’t believe it is already the fourth of June! I promise, I will try to be here more often. Thanks to all of you who are sticking with me through the craziness that is my life!

Burning Nettle

Burning nettle, itch weed, burn weed, etc. Whatever you want to call it, I hate the stuff. We have this little patch of brush and weeds under a couple big trees on the corner of our yard. I’m not sure exactly where the property lines fall between us, our neighbors, and the strip of homeowners’ association land. To be honest, I’m not sure I even care. Burning nettles are stinging-nettle-785292_1920prolific in this patch and they keep creeping out into our yard. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care to get into the stuff. I also do not want to deal with my almost five-year-old son if/when he gets into it. So, I put heavy work gloves on and I did some serious weeding back there. I need to find my bigger brush cutter though. There’s a vine thing growing in the scrub that is a pain and too big for the little cutter I had today. Going to take another whirl at the mess later this week.


I went on a girls’ weekend with my mom, sister, and aunt this last weekend. We headed to Hamilton, Missouri. Since I live in the Twin Cities area, Minnesota, you may wonder why we drove that far. Let me tell you, if you are a quilter, Hamilton is a quilter’s fabric-1914031_1920paradise. The Missouri Star Quilt Company single-handedly revived the town of Hamilton. It has grown to include about twelve to fourteen storefronts in the town and is the single largest employer in the county. If you’re looking for something, Missouri Star will have it. Each store is its own category, such as batiks, licensed fabric, florals, etc. We had so much fun there, I can’t wait to go back again. I do need to get the quilt projects done from the stuff I bought this time first.

Vacations, That Mom, and Graphics


aircraft-1362586Why is getting ready for a vacation so much work? Vacations are supposed to be fun after all. As you may have guessed, my vacation is coming up soon and I’m scrambling trying to be ready. Laundry is going as I type, suitcases and piles of stuff are scattered in the living room, lists of what to pack are still being added to. Man, talk about nuts. Is it just me? Do any of you feel that way about vacations? Don’t get me wrong, I love going on vacation. It’s the whole leading up to the vacation that is wearing me out at the moment. It would help if work wasn’t nuts at the same time.

That Mom

Yes. I am that mom. You know, the mom of the dirty child. The one who stands there shaking her head while her child gets into yet another source of innocent mischief. The child who as often as not has something spilled, wiped, droppedmother-589730, or otherwise messed up on their clothes. Before I go any further with this, please understand I am not in any way criticizing or condemning any mother out there. Being a mother is challenging enough—I will not add to it by judging someone else for their choices. This is just my experience. And, yep, my son is dirty more often than not. And he has a blast learning about his world in the process of getting dirty. I figure a dirty boy is a happy boy because he got to get in and explore things. And I love it.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there regardless of who or where your babies are. I get this may not be the easiest day for some, but remember I see you and understand the joys, frustrations, and sorrows of it all.


I’ve been having fun playing with graphics lately. I know all my degrees are in psychology and I know little about the rules of good graphic design, but I’m having some fun with it none the less. One thing I am discovering along the way is there are a ton of good resources around to use in messing around with graphics stuff. I think having a workplace-2230698good program in which to work is important in having decent looking results, but after that I’ve been able to find several good resources—with generous help from some friends who are graphic designers. Would you be interested in having a list of these resources? I could start a page here on my blog to have a list of them if people wanted.

Kidney Stones, Essential Oils, and Chapbooks

Kidney Stones

So. What has been going on? Where have you been? One question at a time and I’ll get y’all filled in. The biggest piece that has kept me away is that I ended up with a kidney stone. Now, I speak in explanation, not to gain sympathy. Kidney stones are not that big a deal though I will say they hurt like crazy. I think I am about at the end of the treatment course for the thing and am praying I can avoid it in the future. The worst part about the whole thing was the nausea it induced. I rarely find myself in that position, so the severe nausea seemed even worse than the pain for me. But, I’m almost done so life will be good again soon.wheelchair-2090900

Essential Oils

On a related note, I discovered a few more essential oils I have a new appreciation for. The first is helichrysum. Because my kidney stone adventure has led me in and out of the hospital several times between procedures and some dehydration issues, I had several IVs placed. My poor arm is getting rather sore and bruised. So, I did a bit of research and tried helichrysum on my arm to help promote healing. I must say it seems to be doing a good job so far of addressing the minor bruising and soreness from the IVs. The other is a blend of peppermint, wintergreen, helichrysum, and clove. I ended up with sore muscles, probably as a result of the yo-yoing hydration levels, and this has done a wonderful job of easing the achiness.


New tangent, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I find it interesting in the world of poetry, book-1869969_1920chapbooks still seem to be a fairly commonplace way of publishing. Yet, why is it I cannot find much about what to put in a chapbook? Sure, I can find instructions on size, layout, binding, total pages, etc., but I cannot find something as simple as how many poems to include. So, I’ve decided to just take a stab in the murky twilight at it. I’m not entirely in the dark as I do have the total page count, but I wish I had a clearer answer. So, let’s see what happens when I get this done and attempt to get it published.


Fight, Shopping, and Time


I saw something interesting at work the other day. A huge group of kids got together toboy-2027675_1280 fight each other in a parking lot across the street from my office. In and of itself, this was rather unusual. Two things about the fight made me laugh for the sheer stupidity. First, they chose to take the fight into the middle of the street which was a pretty busy street and this happened right at rush hour. Talk about adding an exciting element to an already dangerous situation. Second, they did this a block from the police department and in the parking lot of a branch of the county court house. Really? Talk about a lack of planning.


Why is shopping for clothes is so difficult? I mean, I understood the problem when I went shopping after having my son and hadn’t lost the baby weight yet. I’m well below that point now. Most of the stuff I foundshopping-2163323_1920 when looking for my Easter dress was either too casual or came straight out of the 1970s, and not all of it the good part of that fashion era. I did finally find a dress that worked without having to run to different stores, but it took me way longer than it should have considering the women’s department was not that big. I’m glad I don’t have to do this often.


Here’s another why for you. Why is it time goes by so slow when waiting for a vacation? I get the whole psychological thing where focusing on it alters your perception. Why is that though? We’re going on a vacation later this spring and I just want to go already. It doesn’t help that this trip is for my son and I know he is going to LOVE the trip. Does anyone have a time turner or a magic wand I can borrow? It’ll only be for a bit, I promise.time-1739629_1920