Chiropractor, Trauma, and Taping


I went to the chiropractor for the first time. I’d been referred because of the increase in headaches and migraines I’ve been having lately. Per my chiropractor, there’s a good chance several of the health issues I’ve dealt with over the last few years are related to stuff going on in my neck and upper back. The first adjustment, as a result, felt so good. Unfortunately, my chiropractor is on vacation for the next week now. I’m really noticing the difference now that I know how my neck, shoulders, and back should be. My next appointment cannot come fast enough.shield-1264826_1920


I’ve been working on a trauma certification at work. The material has been objectively fascinating. The connections they are drawing to development and what happens in children’s brains is intriguing in a morbid and sad way. Much of it goes to support my argument we need to do more to support families and children starting prenatally. If we can support these families and children right from the start, resiliency in the family and individuals will be improved. Plus, all the resultant health conditions associated with trauma will decrease quite a bit. Can you tell I’m a bit passionate about this? Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now.


I’m learning I hate drywall taping. The mudding part is not so bad. The taping sucks, home-22324_1920mainly because we ended up with some bubbles and such under the tape. This has now resulted in having to go back, cut out the sections where there are bubbles, and redo those sections. This is taking way to long for me. I understand, part of this issue is my impatience on the whole deal. But the taping is a pain in the behind, no two ways around it. I hope we get done soon.

Cursing, Enabling, and Camping


One of the most entertaining things I’ve done this week is work on editing my novel. Not in and of itself interesting. The fun part about it, though, is that I changed things around from the standard Christian American way of looking at things. My novel is a futuristic swearing-294391_1280science fiction story with shades of Greek mythology. So, I decided that when my characters are cursing, they should curse in Greek. This means I’ve had to do a bunch of research figuring out how to curse in Greek. It’s been challenging, though, because most of what I find comes up using a Greek alphabet. I can’t read that alphabet much less type with it. But, I think I’ve got at least the start of a good list going. And the bonus is that I can curse in Greek around my son and no one will know!


I have to rant here for just a moment. I worked with a family this week where the parents were very enabling of their child. They seemed to be terrified of their child help-153094_1280ending up unhappy. Now, consider that I work in an adolescent dual diagnosis treatment program. For any treatment to happen, the teenagers need to be unhappy at times. This is because people don’t change unless they are uncomfortable and uncomfortable generally means not happy. And this is a kid who’s using pattern presented as one of the highest risk ways of using around. What did they decide to do in the end when the kid kept going on about how unhappy the kid was? Take the kid out of treatment. They’re saying they’re putting the kid into a different program and I hope they do. This kid really needs it.


This has been a weird weekend for me and the next few days will see that continue. My son went up camping early this weekend with my parents. While my husband and I got to join him, we then came home without him. We had to come back to go to work and my parents are retired. They continued the camping trip and took my son with. I’ll have tent-548022_1920another night tomorrow night where I get the entire house to myself. Just me, the two fish, the tortoise, and the rabbit. My husband will be gone at work and, as I said, my son is out camping. I don’t get many of these days so I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing with it. I’ll probably spend a good chunk of the quiet time writing.


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Migraines, Terrible Twos, and Tomatoes


I am running late this week because I ended up with a horrendous migraine Friday night. Most of it had gone away by Saturday, but that hangover like feeling from the migraine lasted all day Saturday. So, I got way off schedule from what I normally like to do. I’ve noticed something about migraines, and you can laugh if you want but I swear it’s true. It seems like migraines know exactly when the worst time ever to strike is and that’s when they’ll come. Seriously. The last one I had—before the one this headache-1472830_1920weekend—was when we were in Disney World with my son. Thankfully, that one hit at night so I could sleep it off for the most part. My mom gave me an article the other day that said giving yourself brain freeze, with ice cream for example, is supposed to help stop a migraine. I need to try that trick next time.

Terrible Twos

Terrible twos shmerible shmoos. My son is about to turn five and we still have the terrible twos going on around my house. Now, to be fair, he’s usually pretty good. Man, though, the last week or two has been awful with him. Demanding, temper tantrums, and not listening well only top the list. I’m not sure if it’s just me and it’s been a busy month, but I’ve struggled mokid-1365105_1920re this week with patience with him. I find myself walking away to breathe a little more often lately than I have before. Even with a master’s in child and adolescent development does not help this. I get why he’s doing what he’s doing, but the knowledge doesn’t help the fact he is driving me up the wall with some of this. I hope his attitude gets at least a little better soon.


I am so excited! I have tomatoes on my tomato plants! We planted four tomato plants intomatoes-1280859_1280 containers on the deck again this year. We did it last year but didn’t get any tomatoes out of the deal. I’m not sure what’s different this year, but I’ve already gotten like five or six little cherry tomatoes. There is a good dozen or so more getting ripe. Plus, there are about five big tomatoes growing. It makes me so happy to see them. Now I just need to figure out why the tomatoes worked this year when they didn’t last year. That way I can repeat what I did for next year.

Poetry Lessons, Food, and Toys

Poetry Lessons

I got the coolest lesson today. Well, maybe not everyone would think this was as awesome as I thought. A friend in one of my writing groups is helping several us out learning the intricacies of poetic forms and metering. This is so cool because all I need to do is look at the terminology involved and I get a bit intimidated. It’s mainly with book-1869969_1920metering when this happens. For the most part, the forms I understand—whether I’m brave enough to try them is a whole different story. The lessons are helping quite a bit. I even learned today that meters are part of what creates the mood in poems, not just the words and images. Now I’ve got a whole new direction to explore.


Ugh. Little kids and food. I tell you if this doesn’t drive me nuts I’m not sure what will. rigatoni-569072_1920My son, who is almost five, told me he was absolutely starving at lunch today. So I made him five chicken nuggets and gave him a handful of grapes to go with. He ate everything I gave him before his nap. After he woke up, he begged for food like crazy. I made him wait because it was so close to dinner that I wanted him to wait to eat then. What happens at dinner? He won’t eat. And it’s not like I made anything too unusual—pulled pork, corn, and a pasta salad. He has eaten everything I made tonight multiple times in the past. I know, it’s just because he’s five. It still makes me crazy.


Why is it toys multiply in the dark? I swear they do. I’m trying to get in the habit of rubber-duck-1401225_1920having my son pick up his toys before he goes to bed. That way things stay cleaner and I don’t kill myself stepping on toys as I walk through a room. Right now, his toys are in a box in the living room as his bedroom is under construction. Every time I have him pick up his toys, more and more don’t fit into the box. How does that work? They all came out of the box. I wonder if this is a Gremlins type thing. He likes to pretend to feed his toys. There’s something to that. If anyone has any magic potions or antidotes or the like, please share it with me.

Editing, Egg Rolls, and Tomatoes


Did you know you can use “Editing we will go” in place of the normal lyrics for Farmer in the Dell? It works quite well. Can you tell I’ve been doing quite a bit of editing? Between editing my novel as part of Camp NaNoWriMo, developmental editing for themistakes-1756958_1920 latest Mighty Quill Books anthology, and working on my poetry chapbook, I’ve been doing A LOT of editing. I am eternally grateful for ProWritingAid as the technical stuff is not my strong suit. But, cross your fingers, and I’ll have at least one book coming out in the next year. Now you’re singing Farmer in the Dell with my new lyric, aren’t you? If not, try it, it works. I promise.

Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are messy. They get even messier when you make them from scratch. I made Steamykitchen_chinese_egg_rollssome today for dinner and they tasted wonderful. This time the wrappers held together better and the filling did not spill all over. Maybe that means I’m getting better at making them. I do want to experiment with my filling recipe though. I use a good base recipe I found online, but I want to see what else I can do with it. In case you’re wondering, the trick to getting homemade egg rolls to wrap right, at least for me, is to pull the wrapper tight around the filling and use straight egg to seal it.


I am so excited for the tomatoes on my deck. We tried container tomatoes last year and didn’t get a single tomato. I was rather disappointed. This year I made a point to get them planted right away and tried to baby them a little more. I’m not sure if it is because of tomatoes-1280859_1280what I did or sheer luck or different kinds of tomatoes, but I have tomatoes! So far there are about a dozen cherry tomatoes, five cherry-grape tomato hybrid tomatoes, and five Summer Girl tomatoes. I can’t wait for them to ripen. They will be so good, I may just eat the cherry tomatoes straight off the plant.