Seal Myth

Over at Thin Spiral Notebook, we had the word water for our 100 Word Challenge. Here’s my interpretation. Be sure to stop by to see what others did as well!

Seal Myth


When daylight ends
and twilight rules
danger comes
in unexpected ways.

A soft lapping
at the shore
the only hint
of something afoot.

A shuffling of rocks
A hidden skin
A chance at
A different life

Footsteps come
A man appears
seeking the lost
among the waves.

Destinies meet
Fates intertwine
until the choice
is taken away

Bound to live
that different life
never returning
to the depths

Until one night
Storms did blow
driving rain
Ships were lost

Choices stand
children at home
husband at sea
Which path to walk

Skin’s return
shifting limbs
wet coolness
an old embrace

100 word challenge


Thin Spiral Notebook gave us the word sing as our 100 word prompt this week, which turns out to be quite apropos as my son has been in a serious singing mood lately. Be sure to swing by and check out other responses!



Beautiful notes

floating through the air

a little off key

at the top of little lungs

lyrics no relation

to the melody.


“Mommy, play my playlist, please!”

launches from the backseat

as a little body

wiggles and squirms

in time to the songs

and peals of laughter

fill the car.


Another request

for that playlist

as the shower becomes

a stage

to sing and dance

with a bottle for a microphone

and a standing ovation

from Mommy at the end.


Music weaves

through a little life

filling his world with joy

a constant companion

creating a soundtrack

just for him.

100 word challenge

Oh, Honey

For this week’s 100 Word Challenge, we got the word honey. Here is my offering, and be sure to stop by Thin Spiral Notebook to see other great responses!


Silence reigns in deadly glory
where noise should be
Then a soft giggle
a slight clatter.
Breathing easier.
Resuming activities
when the laughter comes again
and the clatter grows louder.
Curiosity burns.
Finish work and go to check.
Innocence peers back
amidst the piled flotsam
of a sweet childhood.
Little eyes blink
waiting for a response
as toys topple once more
adding to the chaos.
A little mouth curls up
between adorable dimples,
a giggle escapes again.
Little fingers
dig in the mess
looking for one
beloved toy.
“Hi Mommy!”
I shake my head
and smile.
Oh, honey.


I got to this week’s 100 Word Challenge early this week. We had to either imply or use the word snake. I give you Lampropeltis.


Slithering and sliding

scales rub on grass

mottled greens and browns

blending with detritus

littering the yard

lingering there since last fall.


Long tongue flickers

eye blink fast

black thread tasting the air

looking for lunch

scurrying among the detritus

piled in the yard

waiting for removal this spring


Eyes unblinking

staring off into space

searching for

the slightest movement

of shadows from above

from enemies

flying high over the detritus

raked into bags in the yard

so summer fun can commence


Sleek body

burrows deep

and goes to sleep

in the detritus

accumulated all fall

to wait out winter.


Be sure to stop by over at Thin Spiral Notebook to check out other responses to the prompt.


Here’s a quick little poem inspired by the Two Word Tuesday prompt from Our Write Side.  This week we had perspicacious and/or perceptive.


To be perceptive.
To understand.
Showing insight.
But of what?

In discerning
There is knowledge.

To look inside.
To glean the truth
Without knowing how.
But why?

In intuition
There is peace.

To be shrewd.
To be astute
With what’s beyond.
But from where?

In understanding
There is love.