Here’s a quick little poem inspired by the Two Word Tuesday prompt from Our Write Side.  This week we had perspicacious and/or perceptive.


To be perceptive.
To understand.
Showing insight.
But of what?

In discerning
There is knowledge.

To look inside.
To glean the truth
Without knowing how.
But why?

In intuition
There is peace.

To be shrewd.
To be astute
With what’s beyond.
But from where?

In understanding
There is love.

100 Word Challenge: Wine

100 Word Challenge over at Thin Spiral Notebook gave us wine for our 100 words this week.  Be sure to stop by and see what others have done with their 100 words on wine.  Sticking with my Halloween themed poetry as of late, I give you:


Night is falling
Ghosts are calling
Death draws near
Pain is here.

A blackened wing
Banshees sing
A bloodied claw
Inspiring awe.

Blood runs sweet
At her feet
Screams are a song
Goad her along.

A crimson line
Deep red wine
Drips in time
A silent chime.

Toll the end
Time to send
Him on his way
This darkened day.

Morrigan has struck
Bereft of luck
‘Nother soul falls
To her sweet calls.

A siren song sung
The bell has rung
Death is here
No room for fear.

Into night
She takes flight
Hunting once more
To settle the score.