Random Sunday

Whirlwind Week, Toys, and Titles

Whirlwind Week Wow, was last week a whirlwind week. This week wasn’t much better. So many after school activities starting now for my son, plus the kids at work getting back on their normal schedules. Then, Ambrosia: A Poetry Anthology was released on September 15th, which hit number one in poetry anthologies on Amazon! This… Continue reading Whirlwind Week, Toys, and Titles

Other Randomness

Book Release: The Whisper Collector

I am happy to share yet another wonderful author with you. Anaïs Chartschenko is a Canadian poet who is not afraid to travel darker roads into subjects many consider taboo. I was able to celebrate her release of The Weightless One, a novel in verse, with her and now she's releasing a paperback edition of… Continue reading Book Release: The Whisper Collector

Random Sunday

Graphic Designing, School, and Cub Scouts

Graphic Designing My hat is off to all of you who are graphic designers. I dabble and mess with it a little and I know enough to make teaser quotes and my promotional bookmarks. However, I still need to rely on elements and pictures that pre-exist. From there, I manipulate and change stuff until I… Continue reading Graphic Designing, School, and Cub Scouts